Birdhouse Collages

Friday, June 2



     Birdhouse Collages is a super fun class if you are looking to experiment with new mediums and try some new techniques! In this class we will paint and collage wooden birdhouses to learn about color scheme, collaging techniques, and shape. These are totally personalizable so the birds at your house will be living the dream in no time.

Pet Portraits


Thursday, June 1



     Love animals? Well in this class you can show it! We will create a portrait of your favorite animal or pet during this class.  Students will start with only primary acrylic paints and learn to mix them to make the colors they desire. We will then use pictures of each animal to create a black and white line drawing. Please bring in a hard-copy picture of whatever animal you choose so we can make our paintings as accurate as possible!

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Magazine Stripes


Friday, June 9



     This is another great class for all the animal lovers out there! Students will choose a color scheme and learn collaging techniques by layering magazine strips onto the silhouette of an animal of their choice. They will then mount their collages on a painted canvas to match their color scheme. If time allows, we will also learn about creating pattern and texture by adding details to the background

Note: Please indicate what animal you would like to collage when you sign up for this class!

Crazy Hair Self Portrait


Tuesday, May 30



     This class is centered around drawing cartoon self portraits by learning to draw a variety of individual features and picking which ones fit you best. We will makes booklets filled with different kinds of facial features to reference for each big drawing, and then use watercolors to give our portraits crazy hair dos and some fun colors to top it all off! 

Abstract Stripes

Monday, June 5



     This class is best for those looking to learn about more advanced acrylic painting skills and techniques, but no matter your skill level or experience this class is a blast because it allows each artist to be so creative! Students will choose a bright color scheme and paint a background of overlapping shapes on canvas. We will then use masking tape to add more depth and complexity to the painting. Please note that, even though I supply paint shirts, this class can get mess and acrylic paint does not come out of clothes!

Telephone Wire Birds


Tuesday, June 6



     During the Telephone Wire Birds class students will learn about color relationships and pattern by using watercolor paint and sharpie on canvas to create a cute abstract bird scene. We will paint multiple unique watercolor designs on paper and cut them out so each bird has its own personality and flare. This class is perfect for all skill levels and always has an awesome end product!

Flower Pot Collage

Wednesday, June 7



     Looking to explore new mediums to kick off your summer? Then this is the class for you! We will be using acrylic paint, chalkboard paint, and old book pages to collage and decorate flower pots that you can actually use after the class is over! The focus of the class will be creating a cohesive color scheme and using a variety of materials to create fun texture and pattern on your piece. I will also demonstrate multiple techniques so that each student can create a unique flower pot with their skills!

Letter Collage

Friday, June 8



     In the Letter Collage class students will create a fun geometric design on a 3D wooden letter for their first name! We will use tape to divide the letters into shapes and then fill each one with acrylic paint designs and paper from old books for a cohesive and cute final product that is perfect for hanging on the wall! The class focuses on acrylic painting techniques and learning to create harmony within a piece of art.

2017 Classes 

All classes will take place at my home, 3779 E Nobles Rd. Centannial, CO, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm